History of the Florida Division

Remembering the history of our organization is important for maintaining continuity within the profession as well as recognizing all the members who have made contributions over the years. Therefore, we have assembled content from the Florida SAF website posted from its inception in 1999 and other available content.

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History of the Florida Society of American Foresters, 1900 to 1982

compiled by Louis R. Grosenbaugh

Forestry ca. 1900

ca. 1900


Table 1, Number of SAF Members Living in Florlda or Belonging to Florida Chapter, Section, Society, or Intra-State Chapters

Table 2, Early Southeastern Section SAF History Involving Florida or Floridians

Table 3, Meetings, Officers, and Newsletters of Florida Section SAF (Florida SAF after 1981)

Table 4, Chapter Officers within Florida Section SAF (1966-1981) and Florida SAF (1982- )

Table 5, National and International Forestry Events Involving Florida or Floridians

Table 6, Collateral Events Affecting Florida SAF or Profession

Forestry ca. 1982

ca. 1982