Tips for Landowners: Is There A Risk For Spring Wildfires Where You Live?

Tips for Landowners from My Land Plan


Over the years, changes in climate, including increased droughts in certain areas, and the suppression of natural fires, have made wildfires more intense and more destructive. While we often think of wildfires as a fall occurrence, many areas in the US can experience wildfires in the spring, as the weather warms and the days are dry and windy. 
Fire historically played a role in shaping the forests across the US. What was fire’s role in your area? Knowing about your fire regime can help you understand what you should be doing in your woods to ensure a resilient woodland.  
The National Interagency Fire Center publishes regular reports with predictions about the wildfire potential across the country. For their February through May, 2017 report, they predict above normal wildfire potential for:

  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Alaska

Depending on your fire regime and the activities you plan to do in your woods, consider checking out the National Weather Service’s Fire Weather Outlooks tool.  This tool gives you current risk (for the next one to two days) of fire weather. 

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