Florida Society of American Foresters Hall of Fame


B.A. History. Yale University
B. Divinity. McCormick Seminary
M. Forestry. Yale University. 1936

Learned the need for woodlands in China while serving as a missionary. Earned masters degree in forestry and returned to teach forestry at Lingnan University, China until war forced him to leave. Became a professor at Pennsylvania State University and co-authored a book on forest management. Did relief work for Quakers during war while on leave and later worked for the U.S. government establishing tree plantations in Central America for obtaining quinine to treat malaria. Joined forest industry as forester with Champion Paper and Fiber Co. and then became Chief Forester, for Buckeye Cellulose Corp. of Proctor and Gamble. Built highly regarded programs in forest management, forest science and mill operations.

Society of American Foresters Southeastern Section Chair. 1960
SAF Golden Member. 1965
SAF Fellow. 1967
SAF Council Member. 1964-67