Florida Society of American Foresters Hall of Fame


November 4, 1913 - April 22, 2003
Born East Orange, New Jersey
B.A. History. Dartmouth University 1934
M. Forestry. Yale University. 1936
D.Sc. (Honorary). University of Florida. 1986

Served USDA Forest Service on national forests. Identified need for highly efficient forest inventory techniques. Served in World War II. Returned to Forest Service on Supervisors staff, National Forests in Florida. Genius in mensuration recognized and transferred to the Southern Forest Experiment Station, ascended to Division Chief, Forest Management Research. Scientific abilities as a mathematician recognized; named head of the first Pioneering Research Unit, UC, Berkeley. Remained Chief Mensurationist until retirement. Became Adjunct Faculty at the School of Forest Resources and Conservation, UF. Sampling and measurement advancements-Bitterlich’s Angle Count Sampling, 3P(Probability Proportional to Prediction), and SP-STX Dendrometry-methods are universally applied.

Society of American Foresters Fellow. 1960
SAF Barrington Moore Award. 1965
SAF Golden Member. 1986