Florida Society of American Foresters Hall of Fame


1865 -1936
B. A. Bowdoin College. 1887
Apprenticeship: Dr. Bernard Fernow
Additional Study: Johns Hopkins and Princeton
D.Sc. (Honorary) Bowdoin College. 1922

Influenced forest policy and practice through work with federal and state governments. First forester to work for a forest products industry. Lecturer at Bowdoin College, Yale and Harvard. Advisor to new School at the University of Florida. Author in Journal of Forestry and the Manual of Northern Woodsman, reprinted six times. Logging Engineer, USDA Forest Service, influenced the practical side of forestry in the lake states, Pacific Coast and inland forests; concluded career in the South, stationed in Florida; advocated managing forests as a crop with use of prescribed fire. Consultant after retirement.

Fellow Society of American Foresters