Florida Society of American Foresters Hall of Fame

Harold K. Mikell


1926 -

B.S. Forestry. University of Florida, 1950

Following two years of duty in WW II and his graduation from U.F.'s Forestry school, Harold Mikell began a 41 year career with the Florida Forest Service (later the Florida Division of Forestry). He held a long list of positions with the agency, eventually working his way up to State Forester. As State Forester, he developed a model system of fire protection organizations for Florida's rural areas. In 1990, he received the National Bronze Smokey Bear Award. After retirement, he embarked on a second career of 17 years as a Congressional liaison for the agricultural industry, environmental groups, and related federal agencies. Mr. Mikell, along with his wife Juanita, was one of the driving forces in rebuilding the Austin Cary Memorial Forest's Learning Center. He received the U.F. School of Forest Resources and Conservation Outstanding Alumni Award in 1995, along with its Distinguished Service Award in 2006.

Member of the Society of American Foresters (SAF) since 1950
Florida SAF Section Chair, 1974/75
Florida SAF C. Huxley Coulter Award, 1992
Florida Forestry Association Distinguished Service Award, 2012

Inducted in Florida Society of American Foresters HALL OF FAME August 27, 2015