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Florida SAF Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Hall of Fame, a function of the Florida Division, Southeastern Society of American Foresters, is to honor foresters who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the forestry profession.

Supervision and election of nominees to the Hall of Fame is the responsibility of the Florida Foresters Hall of Fame Committee as provided in paragraph L, Article 8 of the bylaws of the Florida Division. The Committee shall consist of five members with staggered terms of five years each. The senior member, (5th year term) chairs the Committee.

Any member, or past member, living or deceased, of the Florida Division, Southeastern Society of American Foresters who, in the opinion of the nominators, has made outstanding contributions to the profession can be nominated. The nominee must be, or have been, a resident of the State of Florida.

A dated, formal nomination stating the nominee’s current address and telephone number must be presented to the Chair, Florida Foresters Hall of Fame Committee for consideration by the Committee. Nominations may be submitted any time. If a nomination is not received in time to meet the current year's timeline, the nomination will be held for consideration in the following year. The nomination must be signed by the principal nominator and include address and telephone number. An additional minimum of four supporting signatures must follow that of the principal nominator. All signers must be currently active members of the Florida Division, Southeastern Society of American Foresters.

A professional biography must accompany the nomination. It should not to exceed 1500 words, but should include degree titles and dates as well as birth year and if appropriate death year. The biography should emphasized professional accomplishments and contributions including service to the Society of American Foresters and any SAF awards received.

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