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The Florida Division recognizes outstanding contributions to forestry in Florida through presentation of the following awards:

Nominations for the Coulter, Spurr, Young Forester and Wood Utilization awards must be submitted to the SAF Awards Chairperson by February 28th. Nominations for the Hall of Fame must be submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee by June 1st.

You may download PDF versions of the nominating forms (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and either print blank forms or fill them out on screen before printing.


C. Huxley Coulter Award

The C. Huxley Coulter Award is presented to an individual for contributions to the profession of forestry. The recipient must have made a noteworthy or significant contribution to forestry in Florida, with no time restrictions. This could recognize an accumulation of contributions over a period of years, or a single significant achievement during the immediate past year. The recipient must be a graduate forester (any one degree) and a member of the Florida Division S.A.F. in good standing.

This award is named in honor of C. Huxley Coulter, State Forester from 1945 to 1969. He was the third State Forester for what was then the Florida Forest Service and is now the Florida Division of Forestry. Mr. Coulter is recognized as the primary architect of the Division's transition from a relatively small organization to a statewide, comprehensive agency to serve forestry.

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Year Recipient
2012 Eric H. Hoyer
2010 Walter "Butch" Mallett Jr.
2009 Samuel Van Hook
2008 Gary Beauchamp
2007 Michael C. Long
2006 Dr. Edward Barnard
2005 Charles Houder
2004 Phil Gorniki
2003 John Holzaepfel
2002 Dr. Wayne Smith
2001 Jim Bryan
2000 Alan Long
1999 Paul F. Ebersbach
1998 John Bridges
1997 David Lewis
1996 Charles Maynard
1995 Bill Rogers
1993 Ray Mason
1992 Harold Mikell
1989 Jerry Clutts
1988 Nancy Pywell
1985 Jack Vogel

Stephen Spurr Award

The Stephen Spurr Award is presented to an individual for technical contributions to forestry in Florida. This award recognizes achievement(s) in technical areas that significantly impact the practice of forestry or forest resources. Outstanding accomplishments may be through research or the development of technical programs in physical, biological or social science aspects relating to forestry. Other accomplishments may be through technical staff work that resolves problems that affect the forestry profession.

Accomplishments most often will reflect cumulative achievements, be a single significant breakthrough or be an early career accomplishment not fully appreciated or recognized. Recipients of this award need not be professional foresters, however the achievement must be in a related profession which significantly impacts Florida forestry.

This award is named in honor of Dr. Stephen H. Spurr. Professor Spurr earned a B.S. degree in botany from the University of Florida, a Master of Forestry degree and a Ph.D. in forest ecology degree from Yale University. He taught at Harvard University and the University of Minnesota before becoming Dean, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan and President, University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of Forest Inventory, Photogrammetry and Photo-Interpretation, Forest Ecology, a frequently used textbook, and American Forest Policy in Development.

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Year Recipient
2012 Steven R. Miller
2010 Dr. Edward F. Gilman
2009 Stanton Rosenthal
2008 Dr. P. K. Nair
2007 Dr. Oghenekome U. Onokpise
2006 Dr. Douglas Carter
2005 Dr. Eric Jokela
2004 Dr. Janaki Alavalapati
2003 Dr. Shibu Jose
2002 Dr. Timothy White
2001 Dr. Mary Duryea
2000 Dr. Don Rockwood
1999 Dr. Ronald L. Myers
1998 Tom Fox
1997 Jeff Vowell
1996 Dr. Robert Schmidt
1995 Roger Webb
1993 Dr. William Pritchett
1992 Dr. Edward Barnard
1989 Dr. George Blakeslee
1988 Harm Kok
1985 Lewis Grosenbaugh

Young Forester of the Year Award

The Young Forester of the Year Award is presented annually to a young forester, residing in Florida, who demonstrates leadership in forestry and community. This award recognizes active participation and outstanding achievement in all aspects of SAF, forestry or natural resource related organizations, civic groups, church, special community projects and achievements in a professional forestry position.

The recipient of this award shall not have passed his/her 35th birthday by August 15th of the award year, and must be a Florida Division SAF member in good standing.

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Year Recipient
2010 Harper Hanway
2009 Melinda Moss
2008 Kimberly Beebe
2007 Brian K. Cobble
2006 Christopher Demers
2005 Shaun Stewart
2004 Scott Sager
2003 Ruth H. Cole
2002 Carol Daughtery
2001 Doug Long
1997 Mark Milligan
1996 Brett States

Wood Utilization Award

The Wood Utilization Award is presented to an individual, institution or company who has developed or perfected a unique use of wood or wood derivative.

Emphasis will be given to a process or technique that utilizes a heretofore wasted wood resource. The recipient, if an individual need not be a professional forester since wood is utilized in a multitude of disciplines from saw milling to chemistry. This improved utilization of wood or wood derivative should have made a significant contribution toward improving our standard of living.

The recipient should be Florida based. The process need not have been developed solely within the award year; however, it should have been developed within the recent past.

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Year Recipient
2012 Randy Freeman
2010 Dr. Lonnie O. Ingram
2008 BioResource Management
2007 Green Circle Bioenergy
2005 Florida Plywoods, Inc.
2004 M. A. Rigoni, Inc.
2002 Agri-Products, Inc.
1993 Don and Pat Post
1992 Robert Holton

Outstanding Graduating and Rising Seniors

The Florida Division recognizes the outstanding graduating and rising seniors from the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation. The recipients are selected by the faculty of the School.

Year Recipient (Graduating/Rising)
2012 Michele Goodfellow / Elise Van Wie
2010 Katie Termer
2009 Mary McKenzie
2008 Dana Baucom / Mary McKenzie
2007 Devon McFall / Dennis Pawlowski
2006 Melinda Napier / Keith Cummings
2005 Tyler Dreaden
2004 Miranda Mae Funk
2003 Terry Baker
2002 Jennifer Barrett
2001 Nicole Hubbell
2000 Bryan Burch


Fellows are members of the SAF who have rendered outstanding service to forestry and the Society and demonstrated (1) a strong continuing commitment through direct SAF volunteer activities, and (2) exemplary action, sustained leadership, and advancement of the forestry profession at the local, regional, national or international level in at least one of the following areas (a) application of forestry, or (b) education, or (c) research, or (d) technology transfer.

Nomination Forms and information can be found here.

The following is a list of members who are known or thought to have attained the status of Fellow while or subsequent to being active in Florida:

1924 Austin Cary
1942 John C. Gifford
1950 Edwin A. Ziegler
1957 Huxley C. Coulter
1960 Lewis R. Grosenbaugh
1961 Henry J. Malsberger
1967 Donald D. Stevenson
1968 Earl L. Stone Jr.
1971 John W. Squires
1973 Kenneth B. Pomeroy
1979 John M. Bethea
1981 Victor J. Rudolph
1982 Ernst V. Brender
1983 George D. Carlisle
1983 Arnett C. Mace, Jr.
1984 Kenneth R. Swinford
1985 George R. Barker
1985 John T. Clark
1987 Robert S. Bond
1988 Thomas F. Quink
1988 David A. Marquis
1997 Raymond K. Mason
1997 Robert K. Morrison
2001 James E. Doescher
2004 Alan J. Long
2006 Wayne H. Smith
2007 Charles C. Maynard, CF
2007 Edward Barnard
2008 David Lewis, CF
2009 Charles H. Houder, III, CF
2011 Dr. Eric Jokela
2012 John T. "Jack" Vogel
2015 John H. Holzaepfel
2015 Eric H. Hoyer
2016 Patrick J. Minogue

This list was assembled using best available information. Please submit any corrections to Charlie Houder.

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