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2013 Events

June 7, 2013

Suwannee Chapter examines pine productivity
Photos by Jib Davidson

On June 4, Eric Jokela and Tim Martin of the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation led a tour highlighting their research into planted pine productivity. The group viewed research plots in stands of planted pine established as early as the 1950s which included establishment and management practices ranging from flat planting with no site prep to double bedding, fertilization, and competition control. The tour continued with a visit to the eddy flux tower measuring atmospheric CO2 and experimental plots to assess carryover effects from the previous rotation's silvicultural treatments.

May 26, 2013

SAF/SFRC Spring Symposium

The 2013 Spring Symposium, "Practical Aspects of Geomatics in Natural Resource Management", provided an array of practical applications regarding the use of GPS, satellite imagery, high resolution aerial stereo imagery, LiDAR, radar, and sonar technologies in natural resource management. Sessions focused on practical applications of these tools for terrestrial and aquatic systems management; including uses for forest inventory, fire and fuels management, and invasive species management.

The two day symposium was held May 22 - 23 at the Paramount Plaza Hotel in Gainesville. There were approximately 85 attendees. Noticeably absent were the students from the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation who had completed their spring term three weeks earlier.

Council Representative Dave Lewis (right)
and Division Chair Pat Minogue

The Florida Division held its business meeting and annual awards presentations over breakfast on Thursday morning. Division chair Pat Minogue, opened the meeting by introducing District X counsel representative Dave Lewis. Lewis touched on a number of current issues facing SAF's administration and policy leaders. He began his remarks by noting that membership had increased by 125 during the previous year and that SAF's finances were beginning to stabilize. The Counsel has begun to take a closer look at the cost vs benefit of SAF's activities, he said. In addition, the latest deposit due from the pending sale of the Wild Acres property in Bethesda, MD had just been received. He mentioned the Founders' Circle fund raising campaign among other revenue generating efforts underway. Lewis called for nominations for the Field Forester award and for SAF Fellow, then closed with a request for input on a proposal to broaden the Certified Forester program to include forest technicians.

Reports by Florida Division officers followed. Treasurer Chris Demers focused on actions taken to minimize the erosive effect of bank fees. Funds have been transferred from a certificate of deposit to the checking account in order to maintain a balance above the threshold that triggers a fee. Two chapters with small treasuries, Suwannee and St. Johns have transferred their funds to the Division to be managed as sub-accounts.

Chair-elect Kim Burch discussed several items related to her role as chair of the Membership Committee. She encouraged members to mentor younger professionals who have not yet joined or are new to SAF. The available discounts in annual dues were mentioned as a key incentive for both new members and their recruiters. Burch also mentioned the partnership between SAF and various retailers that offer membership rewards.

Chapter reports:

Committee Chair Scott Sager announced the recipients of the Division awards for 2012:

Eric Jokela, chair of the Southeastern SAF, followed with recognition of Leonard Wood, this year's recipient of the SESAF award for outstanding contributions to the general practice of forestry. Jokela then announced the 2014 SESAF Annual Meeting to be held on January 26 - 28 in Panama City. The theme will be "12 Tons/ac/yr: The Science of Sustainably Enhancing Southern Pine Productivity."

The culmination of the business meeting was an address by Michael Goergen, SAF's Executive Vice President. Goergen presented the results of a process to identify and develop the Society's "brand promise." The promise aims to clearly and succinctly answer three questions:

SAF leadership worked with a consulting firm to generate the essential theme of "Evolving forest management since 1900." The process and concepts are now being communicated to SAF members with the goal of re-centering all of the Society's operations and activities around delivery of the brand promise.

Goergen then highlighted several communication and policy related activities undertaken by the national office. ForestEd, an online repository or portal for natural resource topics, is under development. SAF involvement in the LEED green building standard, USFS stewardship contracting, and EPA regulation of CO2 were also discussed.

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