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2006 News of the Florida Division SAF

December 4, 2006

Florida Division to present historical marker to Cedar Key
On January 9, 2007, the Florida Division of SESAF, in cooperation with the Florida Department of State’s Division of Historical Resources, will present a state of Florida historic site marker to the city of Cedar Key.  This marker is the third in what the Division hopes will be a continuing series of markers commemorating special places, people, and events in Florida’s forest history. 

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, supported by David Yulee Levy's Florida Railroad, the Cedar Keys were home to mills of the Faber and Eagle pencil companies, Suwannee Lumber Company, Fenimore Steam and Planing, and the Standard Manufacturing Company which developed a process and produced brush fibers and whisk brushes from young cabbage palms.  The commemorative marker will be presented to Cedar Key and Levy County by officials of the Society of American Foresters. Participants will include state and local political leaders, local historical society members, and professionals from Florida's diverse forestry community.

The ceremony will begin at 10:00 am. Pre-registered participants will enjoy a festive Cedar Key luncheon at the historic Island Hotel, boat tours to mill sites on Atsena Otie (Depot Key), and walks through historic Cedar Key streets and museums. Attendees will need to pay for their own luncheons ($18.00 per person - tip included) and boat rides ($10.00 per person) as per their personal interests, and in order to facilitate local arrangements interested persons must pre-register by December 15, 2006.

To pre-register, contact Dr. Ed Barnard @ (352) 372-3505, ext. 130 or  Registration may be pre-paid by mailing checks made out to the Florida Division, Society of American Foresters to Dr. Ed Barnard, Florida Division of Forestry, 1911 S.W. 34th Street, Gainesville, FL  32608.

July 23, 2006

Suwannee Chapter tours Goodwin Heart Pine sawmill
The Goowin Heart Pine Company in Micanopy specializes in producing flooring, panelling and millwork from trees felled over a hundred years ago. Up to 20 percent of the trees cut from Florida's first forest sank to the bottom of the Suwannee and other north Florida rivers as they were rafted to 19th century sawmills. Goodwin takes both pine and cypress "deadheads" salvaged from area rivers and extracts the heartwood preserved underwater for more than a century. This wood of unique quality and beauty is custom cut and shipped to customers across the country.

In addition to the "river recovered" wood, Goodwin also cuts "legacy" products that are selected antique heart pine reclaimed from old industrial warehouses and buildings. Two product lines originate from standing timber, "wild" black cherry, and "new" heart pine, the latter resulting primarily from hurricane salvage.

Dustin Moody with the assistance of other company staff provided 11 members of the Suwannee Chapter with a complete tour of the facility on Thursday, July 20. One of the highlights was browsing the examples of finished products that are incorporated in the company's main office and showroom. This includes several detailed inlays that show the character and variety of the wood.

The log pond where the "deadheads" can be stored to prevent decay.

Logs ready for milling.

A heart pine board comes off the saw.

Ed Barnard examines a rough cut timber.

Above, a board is readied for edging.

Below, finished tongue and groove boards.

Above, "river recovered" and "new" heart pine boards ready for final milling.

Below, finished product bundled for shipping.

July 10, 2006

SESAF Announces 2006 Annual Meeting: Precision Forestry
The Alabama Division will host the 2006 SESAF meeting, September 24-26, at the Auburn Conference Center (334.844.5129; $89 per night). The Program Committee has put together a great meeting with timely topics under the theme "Precision Forestry". The program will include presentations on laser technology, genetic engineering, and other precision tools, Why TIMOs and REITs, and more. There will also be a Student Chapter Quiz Bowl, a poster contest for SAF Chapters to highlight their local activities and tour of the new AU Forestry and Wildlife Science Building. Download the Program and Registration Form (pdf file).

April 24, 2006

SESAF Awards Nominations are now open
Each year, the Southeastern Society presents three awards for excellence to worthy members.  The categories are General Practice of Forestry, Research, and Public Education and Technology Transfer.  The following guidelines for the awards were adopted by past SESAF executive committees:
The General Practice of Forestry Award shall be made in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the practice of forestry in the area served by SESAF or the Southeastern United States.

The Research Award shall be made in recognition of outstanding research and/or development activities that have made significant contributions to forestry within the area served by SESAF or the Southeastern United States.

The Public Education and Technology Transfer Award shall be made in recognition of educational activities and programs that have significantly advanced public understanding of forests and forestry and/or contributed to the continuing education of forestry professionals in the area served by SESAF or the Southeastern United States.

SESAF Awards Committee Chair Bill Consoletti explains, "For the General Practice of Forestry please consider SAF members who have been outstanding forest managers, nursery managers, great administrators of public forest agencies, managers of public forests. Think of what you consider an outstanding accomplishment in forestry and who did it and nominate that person.

"Outstanding researchers are in our universities, our private research facilities, researchers in private and public forestry. Those of you close to the universities and research facilities should think of who has toiled long and hard and advanced the science or greatly deepened the understanding of their area and nominate that person.

"For the Public Education and Technology Transfer Award, think of a SAF member who has brought forestry topics, issues and understanding to the public through the schools, through Extension, through service groups such as FFA, 4H, teacher workshops, logger training, or technology transfer and nominate that person.

"At your next chapter meeting, please discuss these awards, look over your membership and made recommendations to the Awards Committee. We recognize that we have a great profession by recognizing those who are great in our profession."

The closing date for nominations is June 15, 2006

April 2, 2006

Florida Division hold 37th SAF/SFRC Spring Symposium and presents annual awards
FUELING THE FUTURE: THE ROLE OF WOODY BIOMASS was the theme of the 2006 Spring Symposium held in Gainesville on March 28-29, 2006.

Dr. Ann Bartuska, Deputy Chief of the USDA Forest Service presented the John Gray Lecture to open the Symposium. Her topic was "Why biomass is important? - The role of the Forest Service in managing and using biomass for energy and other uses." Experts from around the country then described the role of woody biomass in fueling the future. Presentations also addressed the inventory and economics of biomass as well as its management, harvesting, transprotation and non-fuel use.

the Florida Division held its annual business meeting and awards breakfast on Wednesday morning. The following awards were presented:

Lindsey M. Eidner was selected for the Southeastern Section Rising Senior Forestry Student Award. A native of Winter Garden, she is currently working as equipment room manager for UFISFRC. Lindsey is a student member of Xi Sigma Pi. After graduation in December, she plans to intern in a Natural Resource Conservation field before entering graduate school.

James S. Negaran received the Florida Division Rising Senior Forestry Student Award. Sam is from Jacksonville and received his AA degree from Florida Community 2004. His GPA as a Forest Resources and Conservation major at UFISFRC is 3.8. He is a student assistant for Dr. Martha Monroe. Sam is a member of Xi Sigma Pi, the Forestry Club, and Co-chair of the studentchapter of SAF. He plans to graduate with a BS in 2007.

Tyler Dreaden was selected for the Florida Division Outstanding Graduating Senior in Forestry Award. Tyler graduated from Crestview High School in 2001, and received his AA degree from Okaloosa Walton Community Co1lege.h 2004, where he made the Deans list. As a Forest Resources and Conservation major at UFISFRC, he has a GPA of 3.77. He has volunteered with the Natural Resources Branch at Eglin AFB, has worked as office clerk at Hurlbert AFB, as an assistant in the Soils lab, and as forestry assistant at the ACMF, and has completed a research internship with Dr. Rick Williams. Tyler is a member of Xi Sigma Pi, the Forestry Club, the Florida Forestry Association, and the Wildlife Society, and has served as Co-chair and Chair of the student chapter of SAP. He plans to graduate with a BS in May 2006, after which he will pursue a Masters degree in forestry and earn a certificate in GIs. He would like to work in land management or for the county extension service.

James Negaran (left) and Tyler Dreaden

Shaun Stewart

Shaun Stewart received the Florida Division Young Forester of the Year Award. Shaun is Resource Training Officer at the Division of Forestry's Center for Wildlife and Forest Resources Management Training, where his responsibilities are all aspects of the Division's training for resource professionals, including prescribed fire, environmental education, and developing a Basic Forest Management Training course. Active with the Future Farmers of America for eight years, he coordinates collaborative forestry programs and directs a Summer forestry camp. He chairs the Florida Forestry Teachers' Tour committee and serves on the statewide committees of Project Learning Tree and the Florida Envirothon Program, for which he recently completed an Introduction to Forestry in Florida workbook and is developing companion texts for students and teachers. Shaun earned a BS in Forest Resources and Conservation from UFISFRC in 1997 and began his career as County Forester for Taylor and Dixie Counties. Shaun joined SAF in 1995 as a student, served as chair of the UF Student Chapter in 1996-97 and SecretaryITreasurer of the Big Bend Chapter in 2000, and was a guest speaker at the 2005 SESAF meeting. Shaun is active in the First Baptist Church of Floral City, where he serves on the transportation committee.

Florida Plywoods, Inc., received the Florida Division Wood Utilization Award. Since being founded by John C. Maultsby, Sr., in February 1956 in Greenville, FL, as a cut-to-size mill with one lathe, Florida Plywoods has operated continuously mainly as a supplier of parts to the furniture and cabinet industries. Now operated by John C. Maultsby, Jr., and Charles T. Maultsby, Florida Plywoods has repeatedly adopted new techology to remain competitive: two shorter lathes to utilize crooked logs in 1958, a particleboard press to utilize scrap wood and form solid panel cores in 1971, a wood fired boiler and wet scrubber to eliminate use of fuel oil in 1972, another particleboard press to expand utilization of waste wood from nearby wood operations in 1978, overlay technology to increase veneer efficiency in 1979, computerized sanding equipment to enhance wood utilization in 1990, and a lay-up "platform system" in 2000. Over these 50 years, Florida Plywoods has been a significant and stable contributor to the Greenville community, generating over 6,000 "worker years," and to Florida's forest products industry.

John Maultsby (left) and Charles Maultsby

Eric Jokela

Eric J. Jokela received the Florida Division Stephen Spurr Award. Eric, currently Professor of silviculture and forest nutrition with the School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida, joined SFRC in 1984 as Assistant Professor. As Co-Director of the Forest Biology Research Cooperative since 1996, he conducts research on forest nutrition and production ecology of intensively managed conifer stands, and he was previously Coordinator of the Cooperative Research in Forest Fertilization Program in SFRC. In 1992, he was Visiting Senior Research Fellow, New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Forest Productivity and Soils Section). Eric received BS and MS degrees in Forestry from the University of Minnesota and a PhD degree in ForestryISoils from the State University of New York. He has been an Associate Editor for Forest Science and is on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Tree Physiology and Forest Science. He has secured several million dollars in support of research and teaching programs and has over 1 10 publications. Eric has been a leader in the Forest Soils Section of the Soil Science Society of America and the Silviculture Working Group in SAF. He is a member of SAF, serving in several leadership positions, the Soil Science Society of America, Sigma Xi, and Xi Sigma Pi. His awards and honors include several Teacher of the Year Awards in SFRC and the UF College of Agriculture, a Teaching Improvement Program Award in the State University System, and supervisor of the best MS thesis and PhD dissertation in the UFISFRC. His particular technical contribution to forestry in Florida is forest nutrition as a function of soils, tree age, stand density, and competition.

Dr. Jokela was also recognized for his strong leadership as Chair, Florida Division, 2005. He currently serves on the Executive Committee as the past-chair. During his tenure, Eric continued the invigoration of the Florida Division, overseeing several projects, including two historical markers: one commemorating the turpentine industry, families and communities in Fairbanks, FL, that was dedicated in March 2005 with accompanying national attention; the second at the Cedar Key Eagle Pencil Factory that will be dedicated this Fall. FL-SAF supported a teacher on the FFA Teachers Tour. The Forestry Blue Ribbon Panel appointed by Charles Bronson determined 10 desired future conditions and associated barriers and drafted a policy statement for the vision of forestry in 2030.

Charles H. Houder, III received the Florida Division C. Huxley Coulter Award. A consummate forester/administrator, Charlie is Deputy Executive Director of the Suwannee River Water Management District, where he was previously Director of Land Acquisition and Management. Charlie earned a BS in Forest Management from UFISFRC in 1974 and began his career as Timber Cruiser with Buckeye Cellulose, followed by Forester and Branch Manager positions with F&W Forestry Services. He subsequently was Senior Projects Administrator and Director of the Division of Land Acquisitions with the St. Johns River Water Management District. Charlie has been active in SAF, serving as SecretarylTreasurer and Chair of the Suwannee Chapter, Chairs of the Florida Division Nominating Committee and the Florida Division, and Secretary of SESAF, and is a Certified Forester. He designed and maintains the FL SAF website. He is a member of the American Water Resources Association, has served on the Greenspace, Openspace, Recreation, and Parks Committee
and chaired the Nature Centers Commission of the City of Gainesville, and has been on the Alachua County Recreation and Openspace Committee.

Charlie Houder (left) and John Bridges

John Bridges was recognized for his election as an SAF Fellow. John was the 1998 recipient of the C. Huxley Coulter Award. He served as Chairman of the Florida Division in 1993 and Secretary/Treasurer in 1992. In recent years he been instrumental in the success of both the annual Spring symposiums and the Southeastern SAF annual meetings by serving as the chairman of the sponsors and exhibitors committee.